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Monday, August 14, 2006

Thanking a higher power

Monday, August 14, 2006
Thanking a higher power
Well, I negotiated the best I could and got a raise and promotion...and 5 phone calls from Daddy, crying about how much he misses HER (see previous post) and saying that he went to one of HER friends houses at 4 AM today and tried to talk him into flying a helicopter into where ever she is in Arizona to get her back. (She is with a biker guy named CHET!) Thankfully the friend has been sober for 30 years and talked him out of it.

He also wants to quit his job and start a business he asked me to help him do it. He is going to sell his house in London, go to Al-Anon and start this business, get his life together so SHE will have something good to come back to. Then he is going to go get her and do whatever it takes to support her and keep her here and away from CHET the biker/druggie who has guns. He talked to her ex-husband who informed her that he was just about to agree to some visitation of her kids but now, there is no way in hell she is seeing them again.

Luckily he seems to recognize that he is not very stable right now and he let me take Henry home with me in spite of it being a "Daddy Day". I will thank a higher power for small miracles. I can sleep tonight.

P.S. In case you don't read the comments - here is what my brilliant daughter said:


Here's how I see it, no matter how screwed up he is YOU WILL NEVER AGAIN BE MARRIED TO HIM. Therefore, you need not be married to his ideology, or lack thereof. You're sorry he has relationship problems, sorrier for yourself that he came to you with them, but you don't owe him the right to use you as a springboard for his emotions. Not for free at least, that's what shrinks are for.

You once loved him, and in a way you always will, but DIFFERENTLY. You love him because he's fathering your child, not tending to YOUR heart. Your snot and tear wiping partnership ended when the marriage did. It's up to the adults now to navigate a healthy path for Henry.

Having said that...we know he's not much of an adult. So as usual, the burden falls he heavily upon you. But you're no stranger to that and, in fact, burn brighter when someone tries to throw water on you.

Keep burning Demi!

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