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Monday, August 21, 2006

Nope, not a blue apple pie.

Last night in Cheri's blog I was actually called a SAINT, just for taking care of Laura's 2 betta fish (Napoleon and Deb) and 2 butterfly's while they are on holiday. I am fairly certain that I will never be called a saint again (although my mother would have liked for me to be called a NUN) so I feel a strong desire to live up to the saint moniker for once in my life.

Some saint. One of the little butterfly's has already passed away (I am going straight to hell) and the darned betta fish were not getting along with each other. Seems, the male was a bit randy and would not leave poor little Deb alone. He chased her behind the pump and there she stayed protecting her chastity until I could rescue her. Far be it for me, to be responsible for Deb becoming an unwed mother so I sent her to a nunnery and Napoleon the Randy, to an Apple pie.

Oh and did I mention my cat is utterly fascinated with the 2 new "aquariums". Last night I used a combination of water gun technology and primitive throwing shit technology to keep her away from them. Tonight I have a better plan. Blue tape is really handy for so many things but I think I may have found the cat-proofing-my- former-trifle-bowl-for-the-sake-of-the-fish cure. Got the idea from the apple pie I consumed at a friends birthday party Sunday. Do you think I went overboard?

1 comment:

Aaryn said... really can't say enough about the throwing shit technology. I find it a useful technique in many areas of my life.

Good one.