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Monday, August 07, 2006

Friday's Child just turned the big 3-0!

My Friday's child IS loving and giving and she just turned 30! My one and only daughter. Born in 1976 - the bicentennial year, when I was barely on the edge of being able to sign a legally binding contract. 18 was a pivotal year for me. I had a tiny, beautiful, Leo daughter on a Friday in a military hospital in Lawton, Oklahoma. None of my family was there (whine, whine - not!) as they did not approve of my tender maternal age. I wouldn't sucumb to family pressure to put her up for adoption and they made sure I felt a little extra sting for my choice. What no one planned on (except me of course, I knew she would be perfect) was jamie becoming the prized child (and grandchild) in the family. She is the one who grew up and did every single thing right. She is Rory and I am Lorelai. We are almost the Gilmore girls. She is amazing and now she is 30.

My 30th brought me some incredible gifts that I will blog about later. To keep you (hopefully) coming back for more, I will start a little drip campaign beginning with the fact that I was adopted and finally found my biological family at 30. But there is much to tell before that.

Anyway, my amazing daughter has a great husband, a beautiful daughter of her own and a handsome son - yep, twins. One of each. Perfect again! And a butt that could stop a 747 according to her husband. We saw the play "Wicked" for her Birthday.

I want to say Happy Birthday jamie. (She spells it with a lower case j, lest you think it is a typo twice.) There are 3,789,800 Americans turning the big 3-0 this year but you are the strongest, most honest, loving, incredible one of them all, and a great mother in spite of your young role model. I want you to know that you make me proud. You have a heart, brains and courage. (and a wicked butt or did I already mention that?)


jamie said...

Wow Mom! Your strength bled into me. Had you not been 17 and deliciously daring, there may never have been a me, lowercase or otherwise. I'm honored and humbled. Thank you for *your* courage, heart, and brains! And let's just see what another 30 years does to my butt.

Cheri said...

Oh my gosh! I'm crying over here. jamie, your butt is Wicked with a capital W. I checked it out myself when we all saw Wicked. ;) And Trish, you give good blog AND make great kids. Can't wait to meet the other two. The two that I know are Perfect!

Riana said...

Ohh, that is a wonderful post, you are such a wonderful mother and you make wonderful kids, not rocket science, just the way that the world works. I'm am so lucky to know you and call you a friend. We are all so blessed! Happy Birthday jamie!!

Courtney!! said...

I still think that Jamie and Henry look just like you. And they both are so nice. Perhaps the other two are close enough to perfect? If one of them teaches me to snowboard then he might be pretty damn close.

Courtney!! said...

I am so glad that Henry will teach the ways of the tube in London.