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Monday, August 28, 2006

Off to a land of frozen dead guys...

We are on vacation this week in the land of frozen dead guys and burned out hippies that have been kicked out of Boulder (this according to the Urban Dictionary). Why you may ask? I planned on blogging about that very subject while I was there, but when I called the owner of the cabin we are renting, to ask if they "by any chance (fingers crossed) had WIRELESS internet connectivity in the cabin?" The manager laughed at me and said... "Honey we don't even have TVs in the cabins. If you are coming HERE, we want you reading books, hiking, fishing and reconnecting with your family. If you need to use the internet THAT bad, you can march your butt down to the library and use the one there, like everyone else."

I guess you won't hear from us until we get back from fishin' and skinning bears or whatever.

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