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Saturday, November 28, 2015

You can help three families this December!

The day after Christmas, I am volunteering again -- this time with a team of amazing volunteers from One Small House. We will be building two homes for three families in Tijuana who are desperately in need. This work is supported 100% by generous people like you. It is 100% volunteer led and 100% of donations go into buying materials and building these homes. If you’re interested in helping, please click here.

We need to raise $13,000 more than we have so far.  If we can raise $14,000 more, we can get each family a refrigerator, stove, and propane tank plus a few other extras. $14,000 may seem like a lofty goal, but I assure you even a few dollars will help and will be wisely used!  Because this effort is run entirely by volunteers, we’re able to promise that your donations go directly towards helping these familiesIf you’re interested in supporting the families, please click here.

The first family we’ll be helping is the Guzman family. This family is comprised of Jose Antionio Juarez Guzman, who is 79 years old, his 89 year old wife, Maria Treinidad Medina and their son Jose Manuel Valezuela Medina, who is 53 years old. The wife and son in this family are completely blind, and the father has extremely poor vision (blind in one eye and hardly sees out of the other). As a result, the family is unable to work and survives off of the kindness of neighbors. Currently they live in a decrepit home that hardly protects them from the weather. We want to provide them with a safe, warm home this winter. And with your help, we hope to do so!

In addition, we’ll be building a home for one of their neighbors, who help the Guzman family. We’ll be building a home for two families who are currently living under the same “roof.” Although it is their home, their current house is in terrible condition. Come December, we’ll be changing this. Please help us provide Alejandro Feliciano Diaz (39 years old), his wife, Yolando Guzman (40 years old), their son, Jesus Alejandro (2 years old), along with Benjamin Leyva Romero (27 years old), his wife Griselda Maldonado (26 years old) and their two children, Jesus Maria Leyva (4 years old) and Cristopher Nicolas Leyva (3 years old). Benjamin and Alejandro are cousins and this large family will benefit greatly from your support his December.  

If you’re interested in supporting me in this effort, please click here

Thank you for your help!