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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Interview with a fish

CARLSBAD - Deb Betta, is the happiest anyone has seen her in a while. In her betta world, where men are usually the pretty, happy ones, Deb is a truly colorful, cheery little dish lately. She has good reason now that she is rambling around in her Mac-mansion completely unharassed and male-free. Don't get this girl wrong, she likes boys, it's just that her former betrothed was starting to take her for granted and even chase her around a bit too much. He was promptly put into time-out to think about his recent behaviour. She loves him, but with all this time to think, she has made a big decision.

In an interview today, Ms. Betta had this to say. "I realized that I wasn't really the marrying type," said Deb. "I'm very independent. I just had too many things I wanted to do. Call me happily unmarried, that suits me just fine. Now, I don't feel the tug of having to pay attention to somebody else and meet their needs when I would frankly, rather just watch TV. I may let him come back someday, if he promises to stop chasing me around like a 2 dollar you-know-what."

A visit to Napolean's temporary new digs found him cheerily working away on a bubble nest. A big one too. Mr. Betta, aka Napoleon the Randy, seems to have a knack for blowing big foamy bubble nests which are used to support betta eggs during the breeding process. A bubble nest is a sign of good health and also that the male betta desires to spawn. Napoleon declined to comment but his agent released this statement "Mr. Betta is fully expecting a reunion with Deb, and a good foamy bubble nest is always a good move. Whether Deb comes back or not he is happy to have found a fulfilling new calling."


Cheri said...

OMG. I might never stop laughing.

Courtney!! said...

I am so jealous Pete hasn't made a bubble nest. He has no plan. Sigh I will never have little Bettas.

jamie said...

Has my Mom told you how she kept our wedding Betta fish, Pedro, alive for nearly 2 years despite my dropping it behind a couch and managing to unintentionally let it (long story) swim through a hole that was half it's body diameter, therefore resulting in a popped out eyeball?
Trish the fish(saver). Good for the resume!

Laura said...

I like that
Love, Laura