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Monday, April 26, 2010

Things that make me scream.

Another guest post by Henry

by Henry W.

Things that make me scream:

Pie that is moldy and bad (I like pie)
Huge loops and 100 foot drops on roller coasters
A test
No T.V.
Losing a fight with the Ice Climbers
Losing a fight with Peach and Zelda
Fighting Master Hand (and losing)
Getting attacked by a wolf
Those are the things that MAKE ME SCREAM.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Where I'm From (A Guest Post by Henry)

Where I'm From

by Henry

I am from my fish's bowl and a lot of water and small pebbles
I am from the upstairs living room and kitchen
I am from the downstairs office and bedrooms where I sleep at night and where I relax

I am from my piano that I play from day to night
I am from my bike that I ride all the time
I am from Monopoly where I buy Boardwalk and Times Square

I am from my moped riding up the street at 15 mph
I am from watching the Matrix series watching Neo fly
I am from my lizard Bullet, watching him eat crickets
I am from the Battle of the Labyrinth watching Percy Jackson walking through the Labyrinth

I am from Boomers playing a 3 minute song on medium Guitar Hero arcade
I am from LIFE, schooling my Dad and leaving him in the dust

I am from those moments
Snapped before I budded.
A leaf, fallen from the family tree