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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Trish's T-shirt Giveaway!

How do you become the lucky winner?
Comment on this post with your t-shirt slogan idea. On May 31st, sorry that is too long to wait! APRIL 30th Henry and I will use our tech skills to run you through our random number generating transmogrifier to pick which comment wins! (NOTE: You are automatically entered if you comment - in case you don't hear back from me before May 31st, APRIL 30th I will blog about/interview the winner after the drawing.)

What's the prize?
The lucky winner will get his or her idea put on a t-shirt (size, style, color) of their choice and shipped for FREE!

For Extra Credit:
Post about this and link to my blog or this Mommy Blogger Shop, and you are awarded this Genuine Certified Blog Bling. (Just take it right off this site with my thanks!)

>>Click here to go to the Mommy Blogger Shop

For the testimonial of 2 satisfied customers, click here.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

True story:

My mom's bribing me to let her blog this!

Amy said...

Blogworthy? Mom says so!

just jamie said...

I love it just the way it is:

"My Mom is Blogging This"

...which is true, because she is, she did.

Misty said...


How about:

"Minding my own business, because I know some one who will blog this".

Which is way too long for a cute t-shirt.... but still....

Just showing some support!

Cheri said...

If my keyboard's a tappin', don't bother yappin'.

OHmommy said...

i NEED that shirt. i LOVE it.

dkuroiwa said...

I also like the way it is...but about

Very cute stuff!!

Wendi said...

"If you say it ...I might blog it"


" Go blog THAT!"

CC said...

I want to be entered! How about....

"My mom/wife/aunt made me do this so she could blog it!"

Susan said...

How about: I feel a Blog coming on!

Cheri said...

I love Wendi's. Put the text in one of those warning sign graphic thing-a-roos.

If Wendi wins and you use the graphic idea, can I have a t-shirt too?

Don't make me beat yo' ass.

Love, Your Pimp, BTM

Kalynne Pudner said...

"Who needs picket fences?

I've got a BLOG."

Lisa said...

That shirt is just adorable!
Love it!

Mylhibug said...

"Oh no, Dad has that BLOG look in his eyes."

My kids run away and hide whenever I go fo rthe digital camera as well. :)

Cool contest. said...

Blog >(blŏg) v. to write an online journal. Except anybody can read it, and make snarky remarks about your spelling and grammer.
eg: It's GRAMMAR you pinhead. Were you home schooled by Jeffry Dahmer?

also an online journal that is often updated daily, except when somebody is running a fever, which is usually always.

Shirt only available in XXXL.

baby~amore' said...

All of these are so good

My children just blogging opportunities

Mad Mommy Blogger

Blogoholic (with a cup of coffee image or wine glass)

Blogatarian (with vegies and meat image crossed out - like not vegetarian)

LaskiGal said...

I am therefore I blog.

Too corny . . . um.

To blog or not to blog.

That's corny . . . but I'm an English teacher for goodness sakes.

How about "Certified Blog Material" on a kiddie shirt?


"I've been blogged."


"Blog me, Blog me not"

Ugh. Stop me now . . .

AlaneM said...

Will blog for food!


Forget gambling, I'm a compulsive blogger!


Warning, blogging addict watching YOU!

Fun contest, thanks!!

Jen said...

I love contests, I'm in!

Jules said...

How about:

"My mom went to Blogville and all she brought back for me was this shirt."

"DO SOMETHING! I need to blog about it!"

"Go do something interesting, honey. Mommy's blogging."

"Beautiful Bloggin' Babe"

"Blogging Mommy's Rule!"

Jules said...

Oooooo......... I;ve thought of one more.... sort of like the last one...

"Bodacious Blogging Babe"

Michelle said...

Wow, all my creative juices left me.....

I'm boring...

Bloggin' Momma
(blog address in small type below)