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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Little Lord Fauntleroy has returned

I don't feel quite right when Henry is gone, although he reminded me this is his eighth trip to England and I should be used to it by now. He has been gone 16 days this time, but it felt like months.

The first thing he wanted to do was take a shower and wash the "English dirt" off of him. He showered, brushed and flossed, then he made a list of the top 10 things/people he missed while he was gone. It included family, teachers, school friends, pets and American food.

I guess he didn't eat very well while he was gone. He got that NARO (Norwalk?) virus and had to go the hospital in London, but he seems ok now. The peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and brownies are going down just fine.

He came home, got into my bed with a new blanket to have a sleep for 2 days. It usually takes him a long weekend to get over his jet lag, but he seems to have adjusted well this time.

While he was napping, I emptied his backpack and found the funniest things in there. I will be photographing and blogging the contents as a future assignment to you all, so get ready to be tagged.

Right now, I am going to go bed myself, knowing that Henry is safe, healthy and in his bed, at home where he belongs. :-) I know you Mom's know that feeling.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Yes, we do. I'm glad you have him back.

just jamie said...

Phew. Love that little guy. And his hair smelled AMAZING! No English dirt there.

Misty said...

You cannot get much sweeter then that "Top 10 missed" list....

Cheri said...

Laura missed Hen Hen.

Amy said...

So glad you have your little man back. He is very cute!