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Sunday, March 18, 2007

The best present for a little mogul.

You may have read in a previous post that Henry intends to grow up and become a wealthy real estate tycoon.

He now has everything he needs to make his dreams come true, thanks to the best birthday present ever for a little up-and-coming mogul.

(Cute little assistant in the background not included.)
1. Business Cards and Holder
2. Personalized Purchase Contracts
3. For Sale Signs
4. A Coffee Mug - for the Starbucks run
5. A Calculator - to calculate his HUGE commissions
6. A Good Pen
7. A Camera and Film - to take pictures of his Real Estate holdings.
8. A Note Pad - to take notes during meetings with clients
9. A Real Estate License.

This perfect birthday gift was given to Henry by his school mate Jordan and his clever mom Mia.
He was over the moon when he opened it. Before you could say "Entrepreneur" Henry had an office set up, ready for business, complete with a bright smile and new advertising signs. All he needed were clients, which he found in his more-than-willing parents, sister and brother-in-law. He made "WE'RE OPEN" and "NEXT" signs, and one at a time, called his new clients into his office. He interviewed each and wrote down exactly what features they were looking for in their next house, and then calculated the price range.

The next day he insisted we move the furniture in his room
around so that his desk (currently up against the wall) was placed in
such a way that 2 clients could sit across from him at a time. He
framed his license, made a few signs and was open for business.
Look for calendar door hangers in your neighborhood soon.


Cheri said...

Hen Hen,
I want to put a non-contingent offer on that ten bedroom beach house.
Love you!

Courtney!! said...

Grant and I are having a difficult time finding a house to live in. Can you help? Miss you lots!