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Friday, February 23, 2007

Under penalty of law - do not disturb this tenant

For the past 2 years, Henry has announced to anyone who will listen, that he plans to be a real estate tycoon when he grows up. He wrote in his Kindergarten journal last year that when he gets bigger, he plans on buying and selling lots of houses and buildings and that he would buy me a nice big mansion someday. Buying your mother a mansion is a noble goal I suppose, but there have been times when this ambition has proved a bit embarrassing. He doesn't seem like the bossy, stepping-over-bodies-on-your-way-up type, and I can't see him with a horrid comb-over telling people they're fired, but he has been known to go for playdates to a school mates house, and question their parents about much they paid for their house.

Yesterday Henry was in his room for ages and I finally wandered upstairs to see what he was doing. He had posted notices all over his bedroom door.
Do not disturb!
Game in progress. (sometimes)
OR taking a nap OR you get the idea!

(He circled and cut out specific clauses from a rental contract that was laying around on my desk.)
In compliance with the law, the Owner/Agent may not threaten to actually reduce or terminate services to the Renter, raise the rent or evict the renter if the purpose is retaliation against the renter for seeking the following... the rest is cut off.

The Renter will permit the Owner with reasonable notice to enter the rental between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. to redecorate or repair premises... Such entries shall take place only with the consent of the renter...blah blah blah... or if the Owner believes that an emergency exists which requires immediate entry such entry may be made without the Renters consent.

P.S. No Aliens allowed!

I don't know for sure, but I think he means business. And while he doesn't get bossy with me directly, he IS practicing on the dog.


Courtney!! said...

I'm impressed. Will Henry sell me and Grant a good house? Will he also make sure that any contract we sign be a good one?
I miss you both!

Cheri said...

I attest that Henry did indeed come over for a play date with Laura, looked about the place, and then asked me how much I paid for our house.