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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Things to do with a card board box

1. Throw it in the garbage
2. Send it to the waste-recyclers
3. Turn it into a solar box cooker
4. Use it as an oven to bake potatoes
5. Turn it into a composter that finally composts itself
6. Feed it to compost worms
7. Make a garden and grow vegetables in it
8. Make an incubator - Hatch eggs in it
9. Make an armchair
10. Live in it

My conversation with Henry this morning after I picked him up from Dad's:

Me: So Henry, did Daddy tell you what happened with my job Thursday? (I thought he'd use the opportunity to diss me for sure)
Hen: No, Mummy. What happened?
Me: I lost it. I got laid off.
Henry: Gasp... What?
Me: Oh Henry, don't worry we are totally fine!
Henry: No we are not! When people lose their jobs, they have to live in a cardboard box.
Me: Seriously, we are fine! I have been with the company for 10 years. I got a great severance package!
Henry: Never mind about that. Will we have a library? A basement? Wireless internet in our box? I'll need it for my laptop!

Me: Hen-Hen, you have been reading Calvin and Hobbes again haven't you?


Cheri said...

Dude, That was flippin' sweet.

Courtney!! said...

Kristen and I made a house out of a cardboard box when we younger. By the way, we had a playhouse but we want to have a box. Tell H-Cat that boxes are totally sweet!!