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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Where is my bloggishness? (Oh. There it is.)

I really want to blog. I have a burning inner desire to blog but I don't know where my bloggishness went because I can't make myself sit down and do it. Well actually, when I have something that is pressing me to blog about (oh like, Henry's pink feather princess mules worn proudly for 2 days with athletic socks, which I have a darling picture of) I am expressly told "DO NOT blog this Mummy!" I was given permission for this disclosure, just not the accompanying picture. The other day I had a non-Henry list in my head, but now I don't know where it ran off to, because it certainly isn't on the tip of my brain anymore.

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Cheri said...

My blogginess is on hiatus too. To the extent that I might have the energy to blog at this time of year, I am nonetheless thwarted in any such effort by the 20-year-old currently living in my office. My fingers are all twitchy because they can't type in the wee hours of the mornings like they usually get to do. My keyboard is getting all cold and dusty.