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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Henry made me do it!

Henry made me blog this.

We gave Tatum, Henry's niece, my grandaughter, little African-American twin babydolls for Christmas. Tatum named them Baby Ann and Baby Gran on the spot. So sweet. She undresses them every night and puts little jammies on them, making sure to carefully cover them from the cold. Such a little mom! Later, jamie told me Tatum had changed the twins names to Humpy-hump and Chong-chong! Henry reminded me of her nicknames tonight. We are laughing so hard I can hardly type. Oh Tay Tay, you are the best! I guess it's better than, the crack spider's bitch and the Bride of Chucky.


jamie said...

Such pride I'm feeling...

Cheri said...

A couple of years back, Laura named her twin baby girl dolls Reeks and Ann. Coincidentally, the dolls were "baby-powder scented" and so Reeks was appropriately named.