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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Helicopters flyin round my head.

This has been a really noisy night. There have been helicopters circling in tight little circles 'round MY house all evening. This really creeps me out. What are they looking for? An escaped convict? I half expect the phone to ring and the caller to inquire "Are you alone???" Ewww. I am freaking myself out.

I quickly locked all the doors and closed the drapes and got Henry, the dog, cat , a BIG flashlight and a fireplace tool. Now everyone is all piled in my bed. Together! That feels better. Everyone within reach! NOW I can go to bed and sleep. All is right(er) with the world... well my world at least. The little world in my room. As long as no one cuts the powerlines... we'll be good. If there is not a new blog tomorrow...You'll know Mrs. W did it in the bedroom with a poker...


Aaryn said...

Link away, little linker. I'm flattered that you're enjoying my trivial little life and that someone else is lauging (or crying) with me.


Cheri said...

A fireplace tool. I knew I'd love you from the first moment I saw you at Kindergarten flag salute back in September '05.