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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Back again tonight my second night as a blogger.

Here I am and I made it through the night. I actually drempt that lots of people were reading my blog and I fretted about having to edit it, so I wouldn't look too mean or stupid or dark or happy or thoughtless or.... whatever. I am not a writer, but I have always been a blogger - in my mind. Mostly in the shower I'd say. The problem was until I took the plunge yesterday, I have never actually written anything down... all my brilliant shower thoughts - scribbled with a soapy finger on the glass - were rinsed down the drain and forgotten by the time the water got cold. Wonder what wll come of this?

I must admit this blogging thing is already becoming a love hate relationship – blogging is time intensive. It’s also… quite exposed. For instance today I am pissed off that Sociopath #3 missed his own son's graduation but cancelled his parenting time tomorrow, to go to meth-face French Canadian girlfriends son's graduation (who she lost custody of.) What the ??? Should I even talk about it? As usual, I will do what I can to make it up to our son, with a fabulous day of candied apples and carnival rides and hanging out with incredible friends. Oyyy, anyways, TANGENT!!! See what I mean about being mean - and exposed.

Really I just wanted to say that after huddling against the helicopters and imagined escaped convicts of last night, I woke up this morning to a sunny warm day, a beautiful smiling boy and a sweet little kitten who was thoughtfully cleaning the sleep out of the dogs eye .... not a bad day afterall.

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Cheri said...

And you capped it off with me and my girls. Oh, and Tom. :)