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Monday, February 02, 2009

Snowboarding: America's most dangerous outdoor activity

I read in the paper just a few days ago that more people are hurt snowboarding than any other outdoor activity, accounting for a quarter of emergency room visits.
Then I got the call. "Mom I am in the emergency room, they say I need surgery."

Here is the story. In living color. (GORE ALERT)

The boys. And the hill. (Or should I say cliff?)

The result:

The cutting: (Yep these are really Anthony)

The drilling and screwing:

The drugs:

Look. I am bionic. Better than I was before. When can I snowboard again?

ME: (see my hairgetting grayer?)


Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Okay. In the last photo? It kind of looks like you're wearing a red Snuggie. Just saying.

Also? Ahhhhh. I looked at the surgery photo again. Ahhhhhh.

just jamie said...

I LOVE those surgery pics. Whoa. Is that REALLY HIS x-ray? Poor guy. Seriously. Nine lives.

Cat said...

Who took those surgery pics? They're great.

I hope he feels better soon.

g said...

won't click on surgery pics. Auuugh!

Can I just say I am glad that my son is an intellectual scholarly type, i.e., kinda a wuss?

g said...

Of course, I do hope he recovers quickly. Although in the photo with the air guitar, it looks like it barely gets his!

tinsenpup said...

Wow! Those surgery photos are amazing. Hope he heals quick (looks like he's well on the way).

San Diego Momma said...


And that's really saying somethin' cuz I usually like the gross stuff.

Seraphine said...

i hope the shoulder is removeable so he can pass through airport security.

Anonymous said...

Curious if anyone's caught The Ski Channel yet? Great Warren Miller Film collection. Good stuff indeed.