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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A Shameless Plug for Preserving Priceless Memories (with my help of course.)

After the recent wildfires and all the evacuations, it occurred to me that many people had to make some fast decisions about what they had room for, and time to grab, in an emergency. It is really sad that if you forget about something and your house is lost, so are those memories. Forever.

I know how this feels, because my first house burned down and I lost everything we had. All my furniture, clothes, pictures,all of my daughters macaroni art, my grandma's scarves. (At age 20 you haven't accumulated that much good stuff, but I remember long after the fire, going to look for something precious and sadly reminding myself, it was not there anymore and I was not going to get it back. (My daughter just reminded me that her fish "Marsh" and "Tooshie" met an untimely death by boiling in their aquarium - which I can not remedy.)

What I learned in that crisis is that things can be replaced by insurance; even collectibles can be replaced, and now-a-days family pictures can be backed up on computers. But heirlooms, once gone, can never be restored or replaced. I could never replace the finger paintings my kids made me for Mother's Day or the needlepoint pillow my Grandma made for my reading chair.

THIS (see below) isn't easy to grab in an emergency.
And it isn't even easy to enjoy or share when you want to.

But these books are. Photo books are an amazing way to capture a treasure or remember an event (and they are perfect gifts as well.)

You CAN preserve your precious memories and treasures and I can help you do it.

Call or email me and I can make your boxes of "stuff", into books that can be enjoyed and that will be treasured and safe for a lifetime, or more.

1 comment:

just jamie said...

What about fish? Can you preserve those? Remember "Marsh" and "Tooshie?" Ahh, but fishie heaven has been good to them I'm sure.
P.S. Your books *are* beautiful.