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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Our Night at The San Diego Film Festival

Last night was the final festival showing before the release of The Pacific and Eddy, a movie written and directed by Matthew Nourse. The film, starred Ryan Donowho, Dominique Swain, Mark Gregg, Susan Highsmith, James Duval with cameo appearances by British rocker Nikki Sudden and yep... my Henry.

Here are some pictures from the festival last night. Henry was a little shy. An NBC affiliate approached him for an interview but ran and hid behind me. The Director asked him to join the Q and A after the movie, but he just wanted to watch from his seat. The packed theater cheered and chanted for him to go up but he hid under my wrap. Still, it was a fun night. We were on our way to the after-party at the W Hotel (at Henry's insistence) but he fell asleep in the car on the way there. Ahhh bless him. He was wiped out from his reluctant little moment in the spotlight, behind my dress.


Cheri said...

Henry on the red carpet. Flippin' sweet. Now I know the phone number of two famous people: BB and Henry.

Courtney!! said...

I love Henry!!!! That is so exciting! Way to go H-cat! And I probably would have hid behind my mom too.