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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Coming Soon....

...How we spent our summer vacation.

Includes kaleidoscopic tales of dancing, saving baby birds, helping orphans, fabulous musicals, really bad blind dates, major dental work, needles, needles and more needles.

Tonight we just got back from the doggy-hospital. Duke is in pain, throwing up, dehydrated and had to be admitted. They are doing Xrays, blood work and giving him an IV. They think he may have eaten mushrooms or oleander. Estimate for the first 24-48 hours? $2000! F-WORD!

Henry JUST got to bed at 11:04PM. Tomorrow is the first day of school. Should be fun.


jamie said...

Just another day-in-the-life-of...Trish, right?

Cheri said...


Take the "F" word off your post or you can't be a Deacon.