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Monday, June 18, 2007

The Swarm

No doubt you have heard or read about the mysterious disappearance of honey bees in the U.S.

While, picnickers may cheer their demise, some websites speculate that this may be due to the increased use of cell phones and the corresponding electromagnetic pollution.

As most of you know, I recently disconnected my land line to go all cellular. But anyone who has tried to talk to me while I am at my house can attest, that was a HUGE mistake, as there is NO CELL SERVICE in my neighborhood.

That may explain this:

When I came home tonight after being gone all day long, my cul-de-sac was blocked off with cones, signs and yellow tape along with a huge sign in the street that said "Killer Bee's!"

As I slowed to read the various signs, a man walked up to me and told me I could go home, but I ought to put the roof up on my car before I drove past the area. Firemen had been here most of the afternoon doing whatever they do to disperse a huge swarm of bees that had descended on our street. And, tonight there were 2 white trucks, working in the dark until after 10PM with men on ladders, wearing white suits. What the hell? I feel like I am in a movie.

The bees (killer or otherwise) have apparently found the only safe-haven from that debilitating condition known as, ahhh, bee membrane sensitivity syndrome. Or.... Tom, have you been chucking basketballs at the bee balls again?

Click here to view the spread of killer bees in the U.S.


Cheri said...

Save the bees! We need the fruit and vegetables that will go when they go! This may not be caused by cell phones though. They may have bee AIDS according to the NY Times.

Trish said...

I saw that article too. There are lots of entertaining theory's about why they are disappearing. I can tell you that 80,000 of 'em were killed on my street tonight. So that accounts for some of them.