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Friday, November 03, 2006

Not trying to overdo the China blogs but...

I swear I am not trying to make this trip the beginning and end of the world. I do cool trips every year but this time:

1. I had a decent camera and took a lot of neat pictures.
2. I have been forced to switch to stupid ROADRUNNER
2a. When I get inspired to blog, my internet and email always seem to be down.
3. I just bought all brand new bedding. Beautiful soft down pillows, silky duvet, and 1000 thread count sheets. I am so happy to get in between them.
Oh and
3a. Cheri has taught me (in spite of a broken finger that made squeezing the limes ALMOST impossible) how to make the PERFECT GAY MARTINI and I have been drinking a few here and there. They do tend to make me want to go to bed even earlier than usual.

It can't still be jet lag that makes me want to crash early. Can it?

Sooo, if I am not boring you too much, here are a few more pictures. I am posting these for something different to look at, so you won't totally ditch my blog forever.

1 comment:

annia said...

Gay martini?

Broken Finger?

Nothing to write about - try those. You can even write it in Chinglish until someone asian beats the crap out of you.