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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Ancient Chinese Secret.

(I am not drinking and my spelling isn't this bad... this is known as Chinglish.)

Three Snakes Wine
According to Chinese medicine major Dictionary , the fomer things have abvious functions to rheumatism.

This Liquor has been soaked for a year and a half,and it has been watered carefully. It is frqgant mellow tasty and no stench. Drinking reguraly can dispel the wind and Coldness, remove blood stasis, limber up muscles and joints, strengthen health, prevent from diseases and prolong life.

Just looking at it almost makes me not want to drink again.


Anonymous said...
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Riana said...

I have heard about this stuff!!! bleck!! I have some chinese cough syrup that I swear by, one day I read the ingredients: snake bile was the second one. barf.