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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Waiting to be discovered for all his life....

Wednesday night Henry and I ran across the new Simon Cowell show, America has Talent. The show features a colorful array of hopeful future "stars" from across the country as they compete for a one million dollar cash prize. The greatest and oddest characters strut and perform in front of the judges who can send them to the next round or give them the big red flourecent X, Gong Show style.

One guy balanced a stove on his face, another one balanced a bowling ball on his head while it was on fire and had knives sticking out of it. But first he dropped a scorpion down his pants. You get the picture.

We landed on the channel just in time to watch Leonid the Magnificent balance and then drop his swords, get Xed and slink off stage with his lovely wings between his legs. He had been waiting for this moment for all of his life. And I am not making fun of him. He was beautiful and he cried. I am a sucker for a beautiful man crying. I am so glad they gave him another chance!

While I was riveted to this spectacle, Henry ran into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water and a towel (we have new hardwood floors, bless his heart) and sauntered back into the living room saying. Hey Mummy, look. I have talent too. Watch me while I gargle "Happy Birthday... No, no wait...even better... watch me while I gargle the song You're a Grand Old Flag." Which he did, water spilling out of his mouth and running down his neck. Nice of him to catch the torrents with his towel. Gawd bless America 2 times. Sugie would be so proud!

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Cheri said...

I cannot wait to see this! I vote we bring Henry back for Round Two.