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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Where I'm From (A Guest Post by Henry)

Where I'm From

by Henry

I am from my fish's bowl and a lot of water and small pebbles
I am from the upstairs living room and kitchen
I am from the downstairs office and bedrooms where I sleep at night and where I relax

I am from my piano that I play from day to night
I am from my bike that I ride all the time
I am from Monopoly where I buy Boardwalk and Times Square

I am from my moped riding up the street at 15 mph
I am from watching the Matrix series watching Neo fly
I am from my lizard Bullet, watching him eat crickets
I am from the Battle of the Labyrinth watching Percy Jackson walking through the Labyrinth

I am from Boomers playing a 3 minute song on medium Guitar Hero arcade
I am from LIFE, schooling my Dad and leaving him in the dust

I am from those moments
Snapped before I budded.
A leaf, fallen from the family tree


Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Oh Henry,

You're the most incredible little dude ever.

You always wow me.

When we play Monopoly, I won't even try to get Boardwalk.

katydidnot said...

I will try to get Boardwalk. But I'm pretty sure you'll still get it. And every single other thing you deserve.

You're an amazing kid. You even kind of make me want to look at your lizard. Kind of. But still not really.

My verification word is duelduck. I think Henry's from duelduck too.

Miss M said...

Holy cow that kid is good!! I am SO impressed.

Ryleigh always beats me at Monopoly, bu tI think she cheats. You don't cheat do you?

Anonymous said...

Hello Trish!
Rather than posting on Facebook & having to sign in yet another website and go nuts, I'll post my memories of the departed Jim Karnstedt. I'd lost track of him in the late 1960s. He recorded several public service spots for the American Lung Association in Minneapolis at that time. He had acted as a Ronald McDonald clown and could do voices. His dad was Cal Karnstedt, a farm reporter on KSTP AM radio in Minneapolis. A few years later I met him at a favorite hangout of we creative types, the Black Forest Inn in Minneapolis. He was somewhat spaced out and kept singing, "Get back. Get back. Get back to where you once belonged. And so, thanks to YouTube, I bumped into his videos by surprise. Sounds like he had quite a life!


Anonymous said...


Nicely done! I could expect nothing less from the son of such a talented Mom. I got here quite by accident, following a Google search about Cal Karnstedt, mine and your mother's Grandfather. That's right, your literary talents have been accidentally discovered.

Write more soon.

Your Uncle Michael

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