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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Show and Tell Saturday.

Tagged by jamie (my daughter) at choosing my own... I am dumping and photographing the contents of my purse. I thought this would be an easy post because I carry a small purse. But I guess I am better at cramming 10 pounds of crap in a 5 pound bag than I thought I was.

My red purse. Matches my red car...

...with a side pocket that fits my beloved iPhone perfectly. The spot designed for a non iPhone fits the headphones perfectly.

In addition to an iPhone I have to have an iPod.
So I can iListen to Oprah and A New Earth while on the iMove.

A stack of cards collected from people I have met this week in my attempt to network. THIS card was the prettiest. It had glitter and a little crystal hand-applied to it. She pays a fortune for these cards but I think they are well worth it.

This is all the crap that was at the bottom of my purse and includes the mandatory vanity items: toothpicks, comb, mirror and hairband. Normally there is a lipstick or two - hey where is my lipstick anyway? I also carry a spare iron pill in case I am feeling especially anemic. Oh look, an assortment of sanitizing hand wipes and a great purse hanger. The hanger is there because of something I saw on Oprah about how many deadly germs are on the bottom of the purses we set on floors and then thoughtlessly set on our kitchen counters. (Shameless plug: I also sell these cute purse hangers so if you want to keep your children safe from the salmonella, you need one of these! Email me.)

Sunglasses that I bought in Taiwan when I forgot mine at home in my hurry to dash out of the country.

A real hankie (heavily used) because I was at a funeral for a girlfriend who died of breast cancer last week (at 39 with 2 young daughters.) Go get your mammograms ladies!

A cute little card holder/wallet that is jammed full of all the stupid membership cards we are required to carry nowadays so we don't get gouged at our local store (and they can beef up their mailing lists to send me coupons for stuff they think I want but I really don't.)
P.S. I swear there is only one credit card in there (in case my father, or financial Nazi son-in-law is reading this.)

And finally, mixed in the change was a 2 Euro coin.
I am keeping it to help pay for groceries next week when the dollar is so deflated it's only worth 33 cents and this 2 Euro coin is worth, like $33 dollars.


just jamie said...

good stuff. i need a purse hanger, and a few euros.
i'm ignoring the son-in-law comment (stuck in the middle).
BTW, at what age should i get my first mammogram?

Amy said...

Hi there!

I am a blogger friend of Jamie's - nice to meet you. How can I get me one of those purse hangers - great idea!

I like your blog. I like the idea that your a mom (well of someone almost my age, I think I have a few years on Jamie) and you are blogging. I think that is cool! That meant to be a compliement to you!!! While my mom started reading blogs, I would love to get her to start her own.

I need to go through my pocketbook today for these tag too!

Cheri said...


"[w]hile on the iMove" is brilliant.

And yes, Ladies, get your mammograms and pap smears. Early detection will save us.

Cheri said...

Seriously, I wasn't done yet and I hadn't typed in the word verification and when I hit return. Zap! Bam! Zing! My comment posted. It went in before I was finished because the universe was trying to save me from my next question, but I'm going to ignore the warning sign and ask anyway:

Is my understanding correct that the most expensive business card you carry is that of a nonprofit organization? LOL. But still, it is a rockin' business card, I agree.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I'm so tired of hearing of young people dying of cancer. My BFF's husband doesn't have a lot of time left. A non-smoker with lung cancer. It's just too sad.

I may have to add a hankie to my purse contents.