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Monday, January 21, 2008

Little Temple of Heaven...

<<< Henry and I in China in front of the Temple of Heaven.

Henry and I were recently looking through a photo album of our trip to China and fondly remembering our visit to the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. It took 14 years to build this temple and it has been rebuilt, moved and reconstructed many times. This temple served as the place where the emperor, as the 'Son of Heaven', directly beseeched Heaven to provide a bountiful harvest throughout the land.

Last night we built our own little Temple of Heaven. It is a 301 piece 3-D wooden puzzle that took us about 3 hours to number and build on the dining room table. This puzzle will now (just like the original) need to be moved and reconstructed by my little 'Son of Heaven' in order for us to have a bountiful harvest and room to eat by dinner-time.


Cheri said...

That last photo would make a nice blog masthead. Learn how to put it in blogger, K? Then you can teach me Master Po.

just jamie said...

Wow. Very cool project. He's so smart. Oh, and you too Mommy.

Henry said...

That was fun building that together! We got to stay up late. We got to play together.
I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!