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Friday, August 10, 2007

Small town fun.

You may remember our trip to Colorado around this time last year to the small hippie mountain town where my 2 older sons live. I love this tight-knit community and my son's are thriving there.
We didn't go to visit this year, although my heart strings were yanking on me.

6 weeks ago, I got a call from my oldest son Anthony, to tell me he had severely broken his leg playing baseball. He slid into third and heard it snap as he hit the bag. (He didn't take his foot off the bag to go to the hospital though, until they had a pinch runner for him.)

Surely he would need him Mom to come take care of him for a few weeks while he had to stay off his feet. Umm guess not. He had plenty of friends and lots of help and he didn't need ME, thank you very much. He figured out how to play the sympathy card quickly and had girl friends taking him to the grocery store, post office, doctors appointments and buddies taking him with them golfing, fishing and to the softball games. He has been having plenty of fun with out his Mommy there to take care of him.

This is from the local paper at the end of July.

GILPIN COUNTY TIMES: Gilpin County’s summertime softball is just for fun - most of the time. The players consist of men, women and young athletes just out of high school. There are some retired baseball veterans and some innocent newcomers to the game. There are married couples and singles looking for a double. Most of all there is the spirit of friendly competition, the old-time rivalries and the moments of heroism, when old bones slide into unforgiving bases. (Old bones? Geez, he's only 25!)

Well I am proud to announce that they just won the championship last week. When the little local paper updates their website. I will post a picture of my sons in their Championship uniforms! Anthony is the one with the broken leg.


Cheri said...

Anthony is a hottie. Ahhhh! Pluck out mine eye! It offends! It looked upon the son of my friend and told my brain it saw a hottie!

Signed, Mrs. Robinson

Cheri said...

Brandon is a hottie too! I didn't realize he was back there. Oops! I did it again!