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Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Happy Pose

Kids today are under a lot of stress. Homework, good grades, pressure to compete with other children, endless activities -- it all adds up. So Henry and I have added one more activity to our endless schedule. We started taking Yoga to help us relax. Here is Henry in his favorite poses. He called them his Happy pose and his I wish I was on the sofa watching TV pose.


Cheri said...

Dear Henry:

We would be so proud to have a son like you. We LOVE a boy who is willing to try new things (like yoga, hip hop, break dancing, and octopus . . . well, three out of four isn't bad). And we LOVE a boy who is so good at Karate and chess and art and reading and bike riding and skateboarding and so many other things. And we REALLY LOVE a boy who knows all the words to the Wicked soundtrack. And Cheri REALLY REALLY LOVES a boy who can beat Tom at Wii sports. It sure is a good thing that we have all daughters, because your mom already got the best boy ever made.

Cheri & Tom

Anonymous said...

okay, first of all cheri...AAHHHH, so darn sweet. and henry, wow, can i adopt you? i love you to pieces.