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Friday, April 20, 2007

Get a therapist - it lasts longer.

The definition of Lurk, according to

On a messageboard or anything similar, to browse the board often, but without ever posting anything.

Someone who is creepy and reads your comments on your web profile to find stuff out about you.
Possible reasons for this could be:
-They don't know what to say
-They are pretending to have friends
-They are trying to scare you
-They are there just to be seen with you, as if they have some kind of relationship with you.

Lurker Who Needs to Get a Therapist
Someone who lurks on your website and then uses the information in a feeble attempt to create gossip and ill will about you and/or your family.


Cheri said...


Anonymous said...

Caught in the act! I read your blog from time to time, but I don't comment. I'm not sure how to do comment/work the word verification, but here goes.

Pity that there are those who must put other people down in order to make themselves feel better.

Allie P.

P.S. I don't have a blog of my own, but I love reading yours.

Anonymous said...

Lurking happens. It is anonymous and does no harm. Only a small, small person would lurk and then gossip.

Anonymous said...


People with extraordinary minds talk about ideas. People with average minds talk about events. People with simple minds talk about other people.


Adam said...

Did something happen that spurred this? Lurking, is a common thing on the inter-web-er-net, but rarely does the gossip actually return to someone.

Anonymous said...

I love what Ted said!

Mrs. Roo

Anonymous said...

Judaism considers gossip (known in Hebrew as lashon hara) as a sin. Speaking negatively about people, even if retelling true facts, counts as sinful, as it demeans the dignity of man — both the speaker and the subject of the gossip.

Love, Leah

Courtney!! said...

According to Wikipedia there are several types of "lurkers." In fact there are seven types of lurkers. I highly recommend using wikipedia for all needs.

I will see you soon!!! And Grant is coming to San Diego!!! Tell Henry I love him!

Anonymous said...

To read someone else's blog without commenting is fine.

To read someone else's blog and leave a nice comment is divine.

To read someone else's blog and then use what was read to backbite with a third party is to feed an undernourished ego.