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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

If I still have any readers after this long radio silence, I am writing to inform you that we are leaving Friday the 13th... on a Chinese adventure. Henry hopes to unite the fire nation and the earth nation and bring honor to his family. Maybe he has been watching too much Avatar the last Airbender and Mulan, but it seemed like a good way to get him jazzed about going on this trip.

I want to wallow in the history and culture and spiritualty of China with my new little travel buddy. And I hope to come back with a new view of being citizen of the world.

Come back after October 23rd if you will.


Anonymous said...

I am so excited about your trip!

Hopefully you can blog from China!

I sent a few things home with Henry for the trip. teh paper soap is my favorite!

Have fun!!!!!


Mrs. Ru

Cheri said...

You know I'll be waiting right by the front door with your newspaper and slippers! Have fun!